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Our Original Kandle Kuffs are designed to showcase the beauty of a botanical collage with an illuminated background.  In this application, the collage is created through digital imagery and combined with various rice papers on a lightweight durable acrylic tube to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.  The "Kuff" is simply placed over a light source (we recommend battery-operated tea lights) to achieve the desired effect.  Our Kandle Kuffs come in a four sizes and a rich variety of colors.  Each also includes one FREE battery powered tea light (uses 3 AAA batteries) with purchase.

Kandle Kuff prices and sizes:  Small is $25 (3" x 5" tall), Medium is $30 (3" x 6.5" tall), Large is $35 (3" x 8" tall), and our Extra Large Kuff is $55 (4" x 10" tall).  You may make your purchase selections below.  We have designed the purchase options to include single Kuffs as well as our most popular multiple Kuff combinations.  Would you like to "mix and match" sizes and/or styles in your order?  If so, read the special ordering note below.

Special Ordering Note:  If you would like to "mix and match" your order, first select a design.  Then, from the drop down menu, select the quantity and sizes you want to purchase.  Next, click the "Buy Now" button.  This will take you to the PayPal purchasing page.  After completing your payment information, you will move to the "Review Your Information" page.  On this page you will see an option to "Add Special Instructions to Seller."  Prior to placing your order, use this "Add Special Instructions to Seller" section to describe the Kuff sizes and designs you would like to be in your order.  We'll confirm your order and, should we have any questions, we will contact you prior to shipping to make certain we have your selections correct.

Are you looking to illuminate your next special occasion?  Let us help.  Please contact us today.

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Orchids Kandle

All new for 2014, this colorful assortment of Orchids is sure to be a favorite.  We've been asked to create an Orchid motif for a number of years and, conveniently, one of our favorite local farmer's market vendors sells an amazing Orchid variety.  So, after making some difficult decisions, we chose a selection we think best showcases this magnificant flower.  We hope you'll agree.
Orchids - Sizes and Sets

Tulips Kandle Kuffs

When Valentine's Day, Easter, and even Mother's Day arrive each year, the Tulip is one of the most popular flowers available.  In this design, we've combined red, pink, yellow and even a couple of purple blooms to brighten up your day.  To o
rder now, choose from the options below.

Tulips - Sizes and Sets

Bamboo Kandle Kuffs

This is a new design for 2014.  Many have asked us over the years for a design that blends naturally into a spa-like or Zen focused decor. 
This design is taken from our illuminated wall sconce in the Bamboo motif which was introducted in 2013.  For an image, see our sconces catalog.

Bamboo - Sizes and Sets

Bearded Iris Kandle

Talk about stately... the Bearded Iris must be near the top of any list when it comes to making a statement in the spring garden.    Their wide array of colors, the distinct greenery, and long sturdy stalks with spectacular flowers are stunningly beautiful.  Here, in the Kuff design, these colors come to life when illuminated.
Iris - Sizes and Sets

                  Poppy Kandle Kuffs

Here is a cheerful spring look to brighten your home or patio.  The Icelandic Poppies featured in these Kuffs are mostly reds, pinks, and yellows.  The green foliage makes a smooth transition at the base of each piece and adds an interesting array of shapes when illuminated. 
Make us part of your next special event!
Icelandic Poppies - Sizes and Sets

Lavender Kandle

We've been asked over the years to create a Kandle Kuff featuring Lavender.  In early spring 2012 we found a beautiful patch in our own front yard that was buzzing with bees.  It took a number of days, photographing from various angles and at different times of day to get the range featured here.  The yellow accent flower is the Desert Marigold.
Lavender - Sizes and Sets

Liquid Amber
                  Kandle Kuffs

This bold harvest design is the perfect accent for any Thanksgiving table setting.  Whether indoors or outside on a patio setting, perhaps mixed with small pumpkins or scattered fall leaves, we think you'll find this combination a welcome decorating addition. 
Remember, each Kuff includes a battery operated tea light at no extra charge.
Liquid Amber - Sizes and Sets

                  Kandle Kuffs

This colorful design offers a striking mix of alpine meadow wildflowers.  These images were gathered at elevations above 7,000 feet in California's Sierra Nevada, Northeast of Yosemite Valley.  The floral mix includes Larkspur, Lupine, Paintbrush, Pestemon, Iris, and Mountain Pride to name a few.  For a mix of green and blue with a splash of yellow and red, this wildflower pattern is exquisite.
Wildflowers - Sizes and Sets

California Poppy
                  Kandle Kuffs

For a striking outdoors appearance, you just can't beat these Kuffs honoring California's state flower.  The blue contrasting flower is the California native lupine.  No matter where they are displayed, they truly make a statement with their colorful assortment of greenery and eye-catching blossoms.
California Poppies - Sizes and Sets

Grape Vine Kandle

OK wine lovers, here's the Kandle Kuff for you.  This design is a favorite in wine cellars, on kitchen counters and on the patio when family and friends come to visit.  The leaves combine the lush greens of spring and summer with the warm, rich reds of fall.  The color range is spectacular and the grapes steal the show.  Cheers!
Grapes - Sizes and Sets

Daisies Kandle Kuffs

Thinking of Spring?  This whimsical daisy assortment is meant to delight the eye and further brighten your most festive moments.  Imagine these on your patio table surrounded by family and friends, just waiting for that mouth watering meal to be served hot off the grill!

Daisies - Sizes and Sets

Dogwood Kandle Kuffs

This striking Dogwood Kuff, emphasizing pinks and reds, makes a wonderful springtime addition to your home decor.  Whether you choose to use it inside or out, you'll be pleased with the way it brightens up any setting.  Please contact us if you would like a custom size.

Dogwood - Sizes and Sets

Mexican Sage
                Kandle Kuffs

Native to Central America and Mexico, this beautiful bush sage is a garden favorite in many parts of the Southwestern United States.  The velvet floral display really pops against the soft green leafy background.  When illuminated, it's as though the image comes to life and begins blowing in the breeze right before your eyes.
Mexican Sage - Sizes and Sets

                  Kandle Kuffs

Nothing beats the beauty of a warm sunrise accompanied by a field of sunflowers.  On our Kandle Kuff, the small candle flame mimics the sunrise while the flower field stands to greet you!  Choose your sizes and combinations below.

Sunflowers - Sizes and Sets

Palm Trees and
                Sunset Kandle Kuffs

This design is for those who love a beautiful sunset illuminating the swaying palms of perhaps a favorite beach locale in some tropical paradise.  When the candles are lit, it's as though the sun never sets and the warm glow goes on and on.  Wow!

Palm Trees - Sizes and Sets

Nightshade Kandle

This Kuff design features the Nightshade (aka the Potato Vine) in all its striking glory.  You'll be captivated by the mix of green leaves with yellow-centered purple flowers.  It's as though you've brought your garden right to the dining table.  This color combination is truly striking in every way.

Nightshade - Sizes and Sets

Ferns Kandle Kuffs

Our fern design calls to mind the moist floor of an undisturbed heavily wooded forest along the Pacific coast.  Drift away as the fog meanders across the landscape, nourishing the ferns whose fronds are highlighted here against a misty white rice paper backdrop.

Ferns - Sizes and Sets

Wisteria Kandle

Orcas Island, Washington, is the home of artist Mary Jane Elgin who provided the beautiful watercolor presentation you see floating over and around our Wisteria Kandle Kuffs.  These Kuffs use a very white opaque rice paper to best highlight the graceful detail in these painted images.  Get yours today in any of four sizes.
Wisteria - Sizes and Sets

                Maple Leaves Kandle Kuffs

This Kuff design features a variety of Japanese Maple leaves that appear to be floating in air.  If you are decorating your home for the Fall holiday season, you might consider these as part of your table centerpiece or perhaps on a fireplace mantle.  You'll find this combination to be truly heartwarming anytime of year.  It is also available on a darker taupe rice paper (see below).
Japanese Maples - Sizes and Sets

                Maples on Taupe PapersKandle Kuff

Using the same design as the above Japanese Maple combination, this Kuff features a taupe rice paper that adds a more woodland type effect to the piece.  It makes each Kuff more truly Fall in the various design elements.
Japanese Maples on Taupe Paper - Sizes and Sets

Aspen Leaf Kandle

Those who like the Western mountain environs will truly enjoy these Quaking Aspen Kuffs.  Each features of combination of branches and fall color leaves.  You'll also note the pale green of the Summer leaves in the background.  When lit, the green virtually disappears and the yellows and oranges of Fall predominate.  This is a wonderful Summer to Fall transition motif.
Quaking Aspen - Sizes and Sets

Ginkgo Kandle Kuffs

This design mixes green and yellow Ginkgo leaves with skeletonized leaves from the Cottonwood tree and flowering Oregano plant.  The gracefully flowing Ginkgo stems provide a nice measure of movement in this design.

Ginkgos - Sizes and Sets

Fall Sticks Kandle

What better way to honor the Fall than with a combination of Birch branches, Aspen, Maple, and Liquid Amber leaves.  This striking combination is mounted on a beautiful Kinwashi rice paper whose fibers blend harmoniously with the branch images.  Bring the warmth of Fall inside with this wonderful set.
Fall Sticks - Sizes and Sets

Pin Oak Kandle Kuffs

If you seek a truly Fall color design, these Pin Oak leaves are fantastic.  The reds, oranges, and yellows in this color palette will have you wanting to curl up by a warm fireplace in no time.  Our friends in the Northeast just love this design.  We're certain you will too!

Pin Oaks - Sizes and Sets

Holly Berry Kandle

As the holiday season approaches, let this magnificent Holly berry Kuff grace your dining table or mix among the greens on your fireplace mantle.  The green leaves and red berries contrast beautifully on the stark white paper background, as if peeking through a recent snowfall.

Holly Berry - Sizes and Sets

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