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Catherine M.S. Cowles
              and Ovie Cowles

Artist Statement

More than inspired by Nature, we are compelled. Compelled to seek, ponder, create, showcase and share the beauty that is abundant in natural forms.  Nature’s humble ubiquitous leaf has become our portal through which we express this vision.

Our ode to Nature includes Catherine’s multi-leaf collages, giclées, mono prints and cyanotypes.  Ovie uses digitally enhanced photography in ‘fresh collage’ giclées, tabletop lighting (e.g. Kandle Kuffs™ and e-Kandle Kuffs™), and sconces. His illuminated work explores the translucent quality of botanicals -  marrying functionality and artfulness that speaks to inclusion in human spaces.

While the artistic process begins with a soft focus vision, that vision must labor through chaos, frustration and conflict to reach a calm, centered and captivating perspective.  Each work remains true to Nature’s original presentation while inviting mystery and wonder so that each viewer can bring their unique awareness and relive its magic again and again.

Leaf Motif has won juried show awards for mixed media. Catherine has appeared on Home and Garden Television, the Martha Steward Living Radio on Sirius XM Satellite Radio, and Cindy Dole’s Home Wizards Radio Show.

Catherine M. S. Cowles, Collage Artist
Ovie Cowles, Photographer


Pasadena Star News, June 27, 2009.  View article  here.

We were honored in 2013 to be included in a Los Angeles Daily News article featuring various artists and the locales that influence their art.  You can read the article on-line by clicking here.

In July 2014 Leaf Motif was featured in a video produced by in conjunction with their sponsorship of the Connoisseur's Marketplace in Menlo Park, California.  You may view our artist video story here.

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