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Originally called the Kandle KuffTM, this item has evolved over a dozen years into what we now view as the new generation of tabletop illumination.  It's new name... the e-Kandle KuffTM.  "e" means "electric" and it's appropriate here because the e-Kandle Kuffs are designed specifically for use with battery operated tea lights.  Utilizing durable acrylic cylinders, original artwork, and luxurious rice papers, these were created specifically for those who do not always light traditional candles and prefer the safety and convenience of battery-operated votives.

                  e-Kandle Kuffs shown in Box
Boxed set example shown above.
e-Kandle Kuffs come in seven different sizes and use two different sized electric tea lights for lighting.  Our smaller three sizes are sold in boxed sets of 3.  Each eco-friendly box includes 3 e-Kandle Kuffs (6", 5" and 4" tall by 2.5" in diameter), 3 electric tea lights (manufacturer rated at 50 hours of battery life), and a Care and Use Guide.  Pictured to the left is a set of the Grapes e-Kandle Kuffs in its box.

Our larger e-Kandle Kuffs are sold individually.  Their sizes range from 5", 6.5", and 8" tall by 3" in diameter up to our largest at 4" in diameter and 10" tall.  They include a larger AAA battery operated tea light with 80+ hours of illumination.

Should you have any questions about the e-Kandle Kuffs, please contact us today.

To view our e-Kandle Kuff catalog, you may download it here.

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